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10 Ways to Stay Cool In the Florida Heat

Posted on Blog, Fort Lauderdale, Seasonal Weather July 15, 2018

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Some like it hot, but your body may not. Each year there are about 688 deaths due to extreme heat.

Keeping cool is more than just comfort – it’s also protecting your body against heat stroke and exhaustion. If you live in Florida, you already know how hot it can get – especially in the Fort Lauderdale area! Here are 10 tips on how to keep cool all summer long in the crazy Florida heat.

1. Wear Loose-Fitting Cotton Clothes

Cotton is a breathable fabric, so your clothes are less likely to stick to you. You should also choose lighter colors because dark colors absorb heat from the sun.

2. Keep a Spray Bottle Handy

If you are going to be outside, give yourself a quick spritz in the face to help cool down. To make it extra refreshing, keep the spray bottle in the refrigerator.

3. Get Cold Feet

Your feet are very sensitive to heat because they have a lot of pulse points. Before you go to bed, dip your clean fit in cold water. You can also dip them throughout the night in a bedside bucket when you feel warm.

4. Stay Away from Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol can make you dehydrated. You can also enjoy hydrating fruits like watermelon, grapes, and grapefruit. Add fruit to your water for additional flavor.

5. Store Cosmetics in Refrigerator

You can store your lotions and toners in the fridge. Get them out to put on your foot for another way to cool them and your face down.

6. Get Out the Grains

You can do more than eat rice and buckwheat. These grains can cool you down when it’s really hot.

Fill a sock with rice, knot it, and put in the freezer for at least an hour. This compress will stay cool for around 30 minutes while you cool off.

Buckwheat pillows do not absorb the heat. You may want to look into one of these pillows instead of cotton or down when it’s a really toasty evening.

7. Don’t Use the Stove

The Florida temperatures are up, so now is not the time to have a hot casserole from the oven. Try using the grill or your crockpot instead of your oven. Your body produces more heat when you eat a big meal.

Stock up on room temperature meals likes salads. You should also keep your fridge full of refreshing fruits and vegetables.

8. Turn Off the Lights

This one seems pretty much self-explanatory. Use natural light as much as you can. You can keep your room cooler by using less lights, which all generate heat.

9. Get Up Early

The hottest part of the day is from around 11-2. Try getting up even earlier to get in your workouts and do anything you need to do outside. The hottest part of the day is not the time to go for a run or mow the lawn.

10. Cold Towel for Your Neck

You can use a wet towel (or even keep in the freezer) to wrap around your neck when you are outside. There are pulse points in your neck that will cool you down.

Other Ways to Beat the Florida Heat?

Make sure your air conditioner is working properly to beat that Florida heat! Your home should be your most comfortable retreat.

If you need a new air conditioner or need yours serviced, check out All Year Cooling for a free estimate. They offer financing options to meet your budget needs.


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