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4 Summer Recipes to Keep You Cool in July

Posted on Blog, Seasonal Weather, Tips August 15, 2017

Don’t spend a lot of time over the stove in the kitchen this summer. Instead, create dishes that will cool you down as you eat them. Food doesn’t have to be hot to taste good, after all.

Chicken Quinoa Salad

Get some roasted chicken breast at your favorite store, cook some quinoa, and create a delicious salad that serves as an entrée or a side dish. This healthy salad from Picky Palate is delicious and tastes good with your favorite dressing. You can stick to the recipe and include broccoli and Kalamata olives, or get creative with colorful vegetables.


Chilled soup made of raw vegetables is a fantastic way to cool down during the summer. Plus, because you don’t have to cook the vegetables first, you don’t have to heat up your kitchen and can give your AC a little break this summer. Gazpacho is a delicious way to get your daily dose of veggies, too.

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Mother Earth News has a wonderful recipe for sparkling strawberry lemonade, a cool refreshing drink that the whole family will love. You’ll need a blender for some of the berries, but other than that, this drink is extremely simple to make.

Greek Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a wonderful side dish for backyard parties and regular dinners. Other than cooking the pasta, you don’t have to use much heat to create it. Feta cheese, cucumbers, and Kalamata olives are traditional additions to Greek pasta salad, but like with the quinoa salad, you can get creative with what you add!

You’ll find that cooking with minimal or no heat is very simple and that the results are quite enjoyable. You may fall in love with some of these recipes so much, you make them for most of the year.


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