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5 Cool Activities For Kids on Presidents’ Day

Posted on Blog, Family and Home, Holidays February 11, 2015

With Presidents Day approaching this only means one thing…the kids are home and we need to keep them occupied! We are always looking for activities to do with our kids that are not only fun but educational for the holidays so we have listed a few activities and crafts to enjoy this Presidents Day.

Homemade Mini Cherry Pies

Enjoy this holiday favorite as February is National Cherry month and lets not forget the story about George Washington chopping down his father’s cherry tree. Ice Cream and pie….our presidents would be proud! Read the recipe here






Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow-popsHere we will honor the famous top hat from Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s cutting his father’s cherry tree using what else but……..Marshmallows of  course! Have fun and enjoy this sweet recipe.







Presidents’ Day Memory Match Game

Memory-gamePut your Presidential knowledge to the test and get a chance to educate your kids on the symbols of the USA by playing this memory match game. Click here for the printable match game







Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin

logcabinHere we will recreate Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin complete with pretzel logs, cracker shingles……MMMmmm construction never sounded so yummy!

-Rinse a 1/2-pint milk carton, and cover the surface with creamy peanut butter.
-Fill in the top of the carton with extra peanut butter to straighten the slope of the roof.
-For the logs, cut pretzel sticks to desired length with scissors. Use peanut butter to affix them to the sides of the milk carton.
-Make the door with a graham cracker, and use peanut butter to give it a pretzel-scrap doorknob. Use pretzel or cereal squares as windows.
-Shingle the roof with two layers of thin wheat crackers, line the top roof ridge with a pretzel stick, and add a pretzel nugget as a chimney.


Presidents’ Day Word Search

word-searchHave some fun finding words associated with Presidents’ Day and you can take this one step further by discussing how each found word is relevant to this special day! Click here for your printable Word Search and dont forget to have fun while learning about our Presidential history


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