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8 Valentine’s Day Recipes

Posted on Blog, Holidays February 9, 2016

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it may be time to start thinking about what you plan on doing for your special Valentine. Why not put your cooking skills to the test and impress your better half on Valentine’s Day is by preparing something special in the kitchen. If you’re stuck for ideas here are 8 recipes that can make the difference on the special day:
1. Strawberry Mango Banana Smoothie: this smoothie delight is a great way to quench the thirst without putting on the calories. Mango is a superfruit that doesn’t result in blood sugar level spikes and it’s high in fiber.
2. Avocado on toast: it might sound simple, but it’s a perfect way to surprise your partner in the morning. This healthy fruity snack with some coffee is the perfect way to enjoy a breakfast in bed.
3. Roasted heart potatoes: if you are going to be serving potatoes for Valentine’s dinner, then opting for heart shaped ones is a nice touch.
4. Sweet potato crackers: on Valentine’s Day you shouldn’t leave your kids out of the picture. With that in mind, sweet potato crackers are a great snack that can put a smile on their face.
5. Cherry tomato hearts: this is another great snack that can be served before the main meal, or alongside it. With only two cuts of a cherry tomato it will transform into a three dimensional heart.
6. Heart shaped fruit salad: as the name suggests it’s a healthy serving of fruits that’s in the shape of a heart – it couldn’t be simpler.
7. Heart shaped egg: the goal here is to insert a heart shaped egg into a slice of toast. Another great serving that makes for a perfect breakfast surprise.
8. Apple hearts: to decorate the Valentine’s Day table you can craft apple hearts to add some color to the setting.

Find more delicious Valentine’s Day recipes here.


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