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April Fools Prank Ideas

Posted on Blog, Holidays April 1, 2015

It’s April 1st, which in most of our minds means one thing: April fool’s Day! I’m not sure about you, but in my family we like to have a little fun and enjoy playing harmless pranks on one another, especially on April fool’s day. Below you’ll find some great ideas on how you can have a little harmless fun and prank your families today!

Toilet Paper Prank

Create a roll of “toilet paper” using an empty roll, two circles with an opening to put over the roll’s ends, a small sheet of real toilet paper, and a note! Attach each part to the empty roll to make it appear like a real toilet paper roll, and let the fun begin.

Frozen Cereal & Milk Prank

Freeze a bowl of cereal & milk before bed and serve in the morning for breakfast. Add some more milk on top to give off a better effect. Watch the person try to eat their breakfast!

Mashed Potato Sundae Prank

Who wouldn’t fall for this? Surprise someone with an “ice cream sundae” but really give them mashed potatoes. What does their face look like?

Googley Eyes Prank

Something so easy & cute. Young kids will definitely get a kick out of this.

Wormy Apple Prank

Take a bite out of an apple and simply place a gummy worm inside making it appear like a real worm!


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