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Long Term Value Home Improvements

Posted on AC Services, Blog, Family and Home May 23, 2016

Whether you are looking to sell your home or invest your money wisely, long term value home improvements are a safe bet. You can even turn your home in brand new condition which will be especially beneficial for those of you with old homes. Here are some of the more common long term value home improvement options:

  • Efficient windows: upgrading your windows to provide higher levels of energy efficiency and weather resistance can make a big difference. Also the windows you choose add a lot of character to a home. Therefore, upgrading old ones to something modern can make your home look more appealing.
  • Air conditioning equipment: a lot of homes have not invested in a modern air conditioning system. There are many reasons to have one installed such as improved indoor air quality and enjoying cool air during the hot summer months. You can also take advantage of tax incentives and rebates
  • Built-in storage solutions: to maximize the space within your home and reduce the clutter you should invest in storage solutions. DIY closet systems are inexpressive and can easily transform a spare room into an efficiently packed office.
  • New roof: the majority of roofs are only supposed to last for 20 years until maintenance or repair work is required. However, for best results have a new roof installed that uses current technologies to maximise energy efficiency.


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