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Spring Cleaning with the Entire Family

Posted on Blog, Family and Home March 30, 2016

Spring has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing – time for spring cleaning! Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be such a drag, in fact, by getting the entire family involved you can make spring cleaning fun. Here are some ways to include your entire family in your spring cleaning:

Strategic Delegation Will Be Key

It’s important to determine what chores certain members of the household will be best at. This allows you to utilize the strengths of those doing the chores to help avoid situations where some chores are done to a sub-standard level of quality.

You should also give people a say in what chores they do so that they feel like it’s their choice as opposed to “being told what to do”. However, there will be chores that nobody will enjoy doing. Then it will be a matter of who draws the short straw.

Plan Some Rewards

Nobody likes hard work without light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, prior to starting the work figure out some rewards that you can enjoy as a family. Perhaps it will be a trip to the cinema, or a trip at a family favorite restaurant. You’ll see that the kids will be much more motivated to put in some elbow grease when there are rewards on the line.

Educate Your Kids

Instead of simply throwing your kids in the deep end, explain what needs to be done. Give them adequate cleaning products and show them how the tools must be used. By educating your kids on the right methods you won’t be frustrated at the end of the day by a lazy cleaning job.

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