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Spring Cleaning With The Family

Posted on Family and Home, Tips March 17, 2018

It’s that Spring Cleaning time of year again. Time to deep clean, scrub, dust, and get in those hard to reach spaces to ensure your home is as clean as possible. Why not hit two birds with one stone and make it a family event? Looking for some creative ideas to get your family more inspired to clean? Tommy Smith has you covered!


No matter how old you are, anything can be turned into a game. By creating the atmosphere of fun games with your kids, everyone will be much more willing to cooperate and will genuinely enjoy themselves more! Here are a couple ideas:

-Superlatives. The best sweeper, the best organizer, the best scrubber, etc. Children get competitive, and creating a competition where everyone is battling to be the best will not only get the job done but done well!

-Easter Egg Hunt. Send your kids on a small Easter Egg Hunt where they can scout out a few Easter candies under piles of clothes or bedding. Next, tell them that if they can help fold clothes and clean up they’ll get more easter surprises. This creates a new spring cleaning tradition whilst letting them know it’s not just a chore! They get something yummy out of it as well.

Work in Progress.

Rome wasn’t built in a day! If you want to clean one room a day to make sure everything is dusted and organized, you can also spend more quality time together than if you split up and divvy up the work. If you section off the house, you can do each part daily or weekly.

Make it fun!

Shining your silver collection? Turn on your favorite movie to make it more enjoyable while you are getting the chores done.

Sweeping? Turn on your children’s favorite dancing music and take your cleaning to the next level. Note: don’t use any cleaning products near your face as a microphone 😉


We all know it’s like pulling teeth to get children to clean. By offering rewards (whether it’s chocolate or pizza) you’ll be more likely to entice your kids into spring cleaning.

-Offer to purchase a new swimsuit you can take to the beach this spring or summer break.

-More of a technical than outdoorsy family? Offer a subscription to a favorite iPad app and promise to keep the app as long as they keep their room tidy and abide by weekly chores.

Whether you are trying to deep clean your home, or genuinely trying to spend quality time with your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with spring cleaning!

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