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Take Your Child To Work Day

Posted on Blog, Family and Home April 21, 2015

This Thursday, April 23rd is Take Your Child to Work Day. Since I can remember All Year Cooling has been a part of this tradition, allowing any of our employees to bring their children to work on this special day. Being a father of 3 daughters, I have brought my girls to work many times, but on this particular day it is always best. Below I have come up with some great ideas to keep your kids occupied on this special day, and make it a memorable day neither of you will forget!

Scavenger hunt

Have your entire office be a part of this event. Create a scavenger hunt around your office, having all the children get together to be a part of it. Whether you make it elaborate or simple this will be something everyone can be a part of and enjoy.

Create art for your office

Have your child sit down and relax and create a masterpiece to hang in your office to commemorate this special day.

Play library

Because who doesn’t want their office to be organized. Have your child organize any books (or anything you need organized) to occupy time and teach them about important organization skills. If your child is old enough, you can even have them do a little filing while you try and get some work done.

Write a letter to someone you admire

Brainstorm a person they admire – politicians, athletes, role models – and write a letter to them.

Have fun!

Whatever you and your child do, make it a fun and creative day that both of you will enjoy!


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