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Things to Do With the Family in South Florida

Posted on Blog, Fort Lauderdale, Seasonal Weather June 13, 2018

School is out for summer! This means a lot more opportunity for kids and parents to spend quality time together. Not sure what to other than movie time and lounging around the house? There is tons to do in Sunny South Florida!

Birch State Park

Across the street from Fort Lauderdale Beach, High Taylor Birch State Park is a state park with loads of fun activities. The tropical forest features exotic trails that loop around the park – perfect for in-line skating and bicycling. There are also beach crossovers that provide access to Fort Lauderdale Beach, picnic spots for lunch or a quick snack, and a lake to rent canoes. In addition, they recently added a restaurant right on the brim of the park overlooking the ocean. It has yummy food, live music, and a great atmosphere for games and conversation with the family!

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is home to more than 20,000 beautiful winged creatures. Located just a few miles outside of Fort Lauderdale, in Coconut Creek, Butterfly World has 10 acres of land which feature aviaries and gardens full of unique wildlife. Kids can walk among the butterflies and if they are lucky, one may even land on them! You can also spot hummingbirds and other bird species in the Tropical Rainforest Aviary, admire cascading waterfalls, then climb atop the observation tower.

Jaxson’s Icecream

Open for almost 60 years, Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach is one of the most famous spots for frozen treats in South Florida. This retro 1950’s style restaurant serves up crazy portions of ice cream concoctions and 45 unique flavors, from a Chocolate-Peanut Gargantuan to a Fudge-ana goblet and old-fashioned banana splits. They actually serve dozens of scoops in a kitchen sink! With merry go rounds and icecream, there will be no complaints in a family outing here!

Beach Day!

A family beach day is recipe for unforgettable memories. Bring paddle ball, sand castle buckets, and floaties for the young ones to keep kids of all ages occupied. Don’t forget to pack ice cold water, a picnic for snacks (we recommend Publix subs!!) and sunscreen to prevent burns! The sun is BRUTAL in south Florida during the summer.

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