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Things You Might Have Not Known About The 4th of July

Posted on Blog, Holidays July 2, 2016

Like most Americans you have probably celebrated the 4th of July all of your life, but you might not know as much about the special day as much as you think you do. Here is a list of some interesting facts related to the 4th of July:

  • A number of presidents died on this day: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died only hours apart on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day. James Monroe also died on this day, but 5 years later.
  • Record breaking amounts of food are eaten: it’s estimated that up to 155 million hot dogs, $167 million worth of watermelons and record amounts of beer are devoured. More than any other day on the calendar, this includes Christmas, Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Denmark is also in on the festivities: Along with America, Denmark is another country that celebrates the 4th of July. That’s because in 1912 thousands of Danes emigrated to America. At the celebrations George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were keynote speakers.
  • Official 4th of July city: Seward in Nebraska has been dubbed the official 4th of July city by congress in 1979. 40,000 people flock to the town to view the celebrations that for the most part are run by high school students.


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