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Top 5 Family Activities for Holiday Break When the Kids Are Out of School

Posted on Family and Home, Fort Lauderdale, Holidays December 15, 2018

Dealing with bored kids over Christmas break can be a nightmare. Read on to learn 5 fun family activities to do with your kids over holiday break

Christmas break is right around the corner, which means your holiday plans are about to kick into high gear. If you’re worried about planning quality time with the family, you’re not alone.

Don’t give your kids time to get bored over the holiday break. There’s plenty of fun to be had that will keep them occupied and help you spend those special days making memories. Read on for family activities to get into the Christmas spirit!

Preserve Winter Memories in a Scrapbook

Why not make a new holiday tradition and build a Christmas scrapbook? Encourage the kids to create art and take photos of the holiday season to memorialize in a keepsake book. They’ll have tons of fun decorating the pages and filling out information inside.

Ideas for what to include: lists of favorite presents, what they’re thankful for during the holidays, and photos with the whole family.

Put on a Holiday Show

If your kids are natural-born entertainers, why not invite them to share their talents with visiting family and friends? Let them show off the instrument they’ve been learning or sing carols with the family. Maybe they’d like to display what they’ve practiced in karate or ballet class.

Depending on age, it can be as simple or as complex as they want. Older kids might even be interested in performing a small skit or puppet show. Make sure you record their performances for posterity!

Seasonal Adventures

Even though we don’t get snow in South Florida, there’s plenty of opportunities for Christmas activities. Indoor ice skating is a great sport for the whole family to try!

If you’re near Fort Lauderdale, the Winterfest Boat Parade is a must-see event. Birch State Park provides an afternoon of family activities before a holiday-themed parade after dark, featuring boats decked in twinkling lights and festive decor.

Plenty of local attractions have great seasonal events, such as Zoo Miami and Frost Museum of Science. They tend to see an uptick of visitors during December, so plan around the crowds.

Learn New Games

Family-fun games that may be part of your holiday gift haul are a great way to pass the time during vacation. Break open the game boards and try your hand at a new game or introduce the kids to family favorites from your childhood like Scrabble or Jenga.

With the resurgence in popularity of tabletop roleplaying games, maybe your kids would like to go on a guided adventure as fantasy heroes in the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Pre-made campaigns that take a few hours are available online, with resources and tips for new players.

Make Sweet Treats

There’s no better way to get everyone together than baking Christmas cookies and treats. Kids love measuring and mixing, but they love decorating and eating even more! This tip is especially helpful for keeping little hands busy while you do your own holiday prep.

Family Activities: The Reason For the Season

Even though the holiday season is a busy time of year, it’s worthwhile to slow down and share some special time with your little ones. Holidays in South Florida can be a magical time, so why not make some memories you can cherish this year?

Whether you keep cozy inside with holiday crafts or venture out for shopping and winter activities, the important thing is to keep the holiday spirit. Here at All Year Cooling, we do that with our annual Christmas toy drive. We invite you to stop by and help share Christmas cheer with our community.

Want more tips for great family activities? Check out our suggestions for kid-approved South Florida fun, year-round.


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