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Top Tips for Entertaining Guests the Right Way During the Holidays

Posted on Blog, Holidays, Tips November 18, 2016

During the holidays, having guests at your home means you have a responsibility to be a good host and provide an environment that’s enjoyable to your guests. Being a good host can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time and it doesn’t come naturally to you. Here are some tips to keep in mind while hosting an event during the holidays:

  • Be relaxed: your guests won’t be able to relax if you are stressed whilst hosting the event. Try to make all the right preparations before the night begins so that during the event you can enjoy it instead of having to work. Take the time to mingle and catch up with the guests. This gives you an opportunity to make them feel special.
  • Place cards: a fundamental rule of event planning is to ensure that the number of seats you have matches the number of guests that arrive. Also, have some extra seating available for unplanned guests. It’s practical to have place cards at each seat so that guest can efficiently figure out where they need to be seated.
  • Ask fun questions: if you are hosting the kind of event where a lot of the guest won’t know each other then ask fun questions. This will break the ice and allow the guests to chime in on their funny stories allowing the guests to get to know one another.


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