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Top Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

Posted on Blog, Holidays February 10, 2018

Aside from the romantic gestures and charming dates that Valentine’s Day is automatically associated with, the holiday poses as the perfect opportunity to get the family together and celebrate the common theme: Love! Love isn’t only between partners but can be shown to family members and friends (and customers!) as well. Here are a few Valentine’s Day activities to get the family together:

Valentine’s Day Cards & Crafts

With Red, White and Pink construction paper, glue and some markers, children and parents can easily make unique homemade cards for all the family members and friends at school (or work). Handmade cards are always a sentimental gift that can be more thoughtful than purchasing one at the store. Check out these creative ideas.

Baking Cookies and Cakes

Gather your favorite cookie cutters, heart-shaped pans and aprons.  Whether you plan to have your children bring them into school or work for a Valentine’s Day party or you want to just enjoy them with your family at home, it’s always fun to bake with your kids. Not only are you spending time with them, but it’s a great opportunity to teach them measurements, temperatures and timing. Whether you want to make cookies, brownies or cakes, your sweet tooth is in for a treat with these recipes!

Movie Night

If you don’t have enough time or energy to do crafts and baking, fire up your favorite romantic movie, gather your favorite chocolates and popcorn and snuggle on the couch with the family!

Share Your Thoughts

Although Valentine’s Day is always associated with couples and romance, the underlying theme is love! Get the family together and have everyone make lists of the reasons why you love each other. It could be anything from being a great cook to being a good listener. It’s always nice to hear compliments and reasons for being loved.

Regardless of what you’re doing or what you are celebrating, family time is priceless. Get your friends and family together and spend some quality time with the ones you love. At All Year Cooling, we love our family and our customers. For this Valentine’s Day, we want to share the love. Check out our testimonials here!


Posted: February 14, 2017 | Revised: February 10, 2018


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