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What to Do When Kids Are Home for Thanksgiving Break

Posted on Blog, Family and Home, Holidays November 20, 2015

Being home with your kids during Thanksgiving Break is definitely a treat, but can also turn into a disaster as well! Without activities and things for them to do, boredom can easily take over and turn the long weekend into a crazy one. Below are some great ideas to cure the “I’m bored” words from your children’s vocabulary.


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have, so what better time to show your family everything they have to be thankful for by donating things that you no longer use? Make an activity out of sorting through your children’s belongings (clothes, shoes, toys, etc.) and make a pile to donate whatever they do not use anymore. Bring your child to the local shelter or donation center and explain where their things are going and how they will be helping someone in need.

Go on a scavenger hunt outside:

Get your kids outdoors this Thanksgiving break and create a scavenger hunt for them to complete. Click here for a great list of items they could search for on their hunt.

Make bird feeders for your trees outside:

This is an easy and fun way to come together as a family. Click here for bird-feeder ideas.

Go Bowling:

Although this idea may cost a bit more money, it is a fun family activity that will definitely leave everyone with a smile on their faces!

Bake thanksgiving treats:

Check out these great turkey rice krispie treats that are perfect for Thanksgiving! An easy dessert that kids can help create.

Click here for more Thanksgiving activities to do with your family!


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